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Aerial Drone Video and Photography

Here are some common questions and answers

What kind of clients does Clear Shot Productions work with?
We primarily work with production companies, advertising agencies and businesses. Occasionally we will work with individuals if the requested project is applicable. We also provide consultation to production companies looking to implement drones in-house.

How much does it cost?
We quote each shoot differently depending on overall production needed and if any special FAA airspace authorizations will be required. You can easily request a quote from our Contact Page here. Please include any and all details regarding your shoot needs. The more information you provide will help insure a more accurate quote.

What weather can you fly in?
Sunny or partly cloudy with light wind. We cannot fly in rain, snow or temperatures under 32°. Strong wind gusts are also problematic, so we don't recommend flights with wind speeds over 20mph. Windy conditions can result in subpar aerial footage.

How high can your drones fly?
In keeping with FAA regulations, our drones can be flown up to 400' feet high. Exceptions to fly above 400' feet can be made for your project, but we are required to file an airspace authorization with the FAA prior to your shoot. Let us know on our Contact Page if you think you will require flights above 400' feet.

Can you fly indoors?
Yes we can. However, the environment will need to be fairly spacious for our larger drones. We have a smaller drone in our fleet that makes flying indoors much easier. Please let us know if this is something you require.

Do you have a fail-safe system on your drones?
Yes, all of our drones are equipped with a GPS fail-safe systems that will automatically return the drone safely to its original take off location if there is a loss of signal or other problem. We can also set up a GEO-fence using GPS coordinates to limit the flight range of our drones.

Are you insured in case of an accident?
Yes, Clear Shot Productions is fully covered. We have a one-million dollar personal injury and property damage policy. Our operators have also undergone FAA Part 107 certification and FAA flight training requirements.

Can you travel out of state?
Yes we can. Clear Shot Productions has Insurance allowing us to do work all over the United States.